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Welcome to The Gunnersbury


This historical landmark building circa 1830 is the cornerstone of our local conservation area. We are opposite the “Gunnersbury Tube Station”. It is a good example of a warm and welcoming Victorian building. The building used to be known as The “world famous” John Bull, from it's hey days of rock & roll music, with acts such as The Who, T.Rex and Thin Lizzy to name but a few.

It is part of our plan to renew this venue to it's iconic nature and once again become a thriving local business and well known music venue.


It is run by the Mogliany family, who have a history of saving old Victorian buildings and putting them into good order whilst enhancing what is on offer, from food to facilities. The family have more than 30 years experience in event management and 40 years promoting live music. We have been here for more than sixteen years and now have an experienced management team in place to take The Gunnersbury to a new level, reminisent of the great times of yonder years with a new beer range, classic, contemporary cuisine, affordable wine list and most importantly a warm welcome from all of our team.

We look forward to seeing you very soon!

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